Expanded CSS Features

Audible Autoplay Blocking

Tab Lookup

We’ve completely redesigned Firefox’s security warnings to better encourage safe browsing practices (i.e., don’t ignore the warnings!)

Usability Improvements

Scroll Anchoring

At Mozilla from all of us, thank you!

Notice: We’re rolling out penalizing gradually to make sure that it doesn’t break legitimate usage cases. All Firefox users should have blocking empowered in a couple of days.

Lastly, we’ve made a few changes
Firefox is the first browser to support animating the CSS Grid grid-template-rows and grid-template-columns properties, as seen from the video below.

Today you get to determine when to disturb the noise of silence.
Astute users will note that clicking on “Search Tabs” focuses the Awesomebar and types a percent signal in front of your query. Thus, while the menu entry makes tab hunt much more discoverable, it’s possible to actually attain the same effect by focusing the Awesomebar and manually typing a % signal or other modifier.
Firefox now implements scroll anchoring, which prevents slow-loading content from suddenly appearing and shoving visible content off the page.
Speaking of shortcuts, you can now manage and alter each the shortcuts set by extensions by seeing about:addons and clicking “Manage Extension Shortcuts” under the gear icon onto the Extensions overview page.

These are only highlights. See:

Browser Internals

The new getDisplayMedia API allows screen sharing on the Web similarly to the way getUserMedia offers access to webcams. The stream can be processed or shared across the system with WebRTC.  See With the Screen Capture API on MDN to Learn More.

  • Optional case sensitivity to get [attr] selectors.
  • Unprefixed min-content and max-content dimension keywords.
  • 19 brand new shorthand logical properties — those define values relative to the current writing mode instead of the edges of the display.
    Firefox 66 is out, and brings with it a host of new features such as screen sharing, scroll anchoring blocking for media that is audible, and support for the Touch Bar on macOS.

    Touch Bar

    Extension Shortcuts

    Furthermore, Firefox now supports:

    The post Firefox 66: The Sound of Silence appeared initially on Mozilla Hacks – that the Web programmer blog.
    Starting with version 66, Firefox will block audible autoplaying video and audio. This means media (sound and video) need to wait for user interaction prior to playing, unless the muted land is set on the related HTMLMediaElement. Blocking may be disabled on a case-by-case basis in the Website information overlay:
    The Touch Bar on macOS is supported, without having to find keyboard shortcuts offering quick access.
    Too many tabs? The menu sports a new option to look through your open tabs and then switch to the one that is right.

    Additionally, beginning with Firefox 66, InputEvent currently includes a mail-order house, inputType. This contrasts involving several different kinds of edits that may occur inside an input area, such as insertText versus insertFromPaste. To get more information, take a look at the documentation (and live presentation ) on MDN.
    We’re also the first browser to support the overflow-inline and overflow-block networking queries, making it possible to apply styles based on whether (and how) overflowing content is available to the consumer. For example, a digital billboard may record overflow-block: none, although an e-reader would suit overflow-block: paged.
    Mozilla is utilizing getDisplayMedia in Bugzilla allowing people to take and attach screenshots to their own bug reports, right from within the browser.