By Way of Example, to prevent a page break occurring inside paragraph or a list:

JavaScript debugging developments

We ve also upgraded several aspects of Firefox itself:
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Advanced colour contrast ratio

The internet often contains markup that is under-specified, non-standard, or conflicting, and it s up to us to make sure that pages that work in other browsers work in Firefox.
Today , there’s no better way to usher out this year’s very first month than with a new Firefox release. It s chilly for a lot of us, however this means more at-home time to install Firefox variant 65, and check out some of the new browser and internet platform features we all ’ve included within. Unless you’d rather be donning your heavy coat and heading out to grit the driveway, then that is (or visiting the shore, in the event of some of our Australian chums).

The Storage accessibility API was enabled by default, providing a mechanism for embedded, cross-origin material to ask entry to client-side storage mechanisms it would normally just have access to in a first-party context. This API features a couple of simple methods, hasStorageAccess() and requestStorageAccess(), which respectively check and ask storage access. For instance:

CSS environment factors

To that end, Firefox 65:

At Mozilla, we believe that new attributes of the web platform are often best understood with the help of intuitive, visual tools. This ’ s our DevTools staff has spent prioritizing innovative new tooling to permit designers and internet devs to inspect, edit, comprehend, and tinker with UI features, and getting comments from the field. This drive Resulted in the launch of this CSS Grid Inspector, Font Editor, and Ridge Course Editor.

  • When displaying stack traces (e.g. in console logs or together with the JavaScript debugger), calls to frame methods are identified and dropped by default, which makes it easier to home in on your code.
  • At the same fashion as native terminals, now you can utilize reverse lookup to discover entries on your JavaScript console (F9 (Windows/Linux) or Ctrl + R (macOS) and type a search term, followed by Ctrl + R/Ctrl + S to toggle through outcomes ).
  • The JavaScript console’s $0 shortcut (references the now inspected element on the page) now has autocomplete accessible, so for example you could sort $0. Te to acquire a suggestion of $0. TextContent to reference text content.

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CSS platform enhancements

Readable flows are now enabled by default, allowing programmers to process data chunk by chunk since it happens over the system, e.g. from a fetch() request.
Many upgrades are brought by firefox 65 .
As an example, we might have added a animation like this into a DOM node:
() => console.log('access given') ,
  () => console.log('access denied')

Other honorable mentions

  • The globalThis key word was added, for obtaining the global object in whatever context you’re in. This avoids needing to utilize a mixture of window, self, international , or that , depending upon where a script is executing (e.g. a page, a employee, or even Node.js).
  • The FetchEvent object’s replacesClientId and resultingClientId properties are now employed — letting you track the origin and destination of a navigation.
  • You can now specify a referrer coverage on scripts employed to your documents (e.g. via a referrerpolicy attribute on <script components )
  • Finally, to prevent popup spam, can now only be called once a user interaction occasion.

Media: Support for both WebP and AV1, along with other developments

Readable streams

We can make the animation leap in 5 equal measures, like this:

Fracture -* properties

It is possible to use the Swing image > element in your HTML to offer both WebP and classic image formats, which makes the final choice to the consumer ’s browser. As encouraged browsers send an Accept header when requesting images you might find support and serve pictures as suitable.

Images are great, but what about video? Mozilla, together with industry partners, has been growing the next-generation AV1 video codec, which is now supported in Firefox 65 for Windows. AV1 is almost two times as efficient as H.264 in terms of compression, and, unlike H.264, it’s completely open and royalty-free. Support for additional operating systems will probably be enabled in future releases.
Animation: move-across 2s unlimited alternate linear;

Animation: move-across 2s unlimited alternate steps(5, jump-end);

CSS environment variables are currently supported, accessed via env() in stylesheets. These factors are usable in any portion of a property value or descriptor, and are scoped globally to a particular record, whereas tradition houses are scoped to the element(s) they are declared on. These were originally provided from the iOS browser to permit developers to place their content in a safe area of the viewport, i.e., away from the area covered by the notch.
We’ve included the steps() CSS animation timing function, alongside the related jump-* key words. This allows you to easily create cartoons which jump in a set of equidistant measures, rather than a smooth animation.
.smooth {

Relative time formats

A Few examples
The Intl.RelativeTimeFormat constructor lets you output strings explaining localized relative times, for simpler human-readable time references in web apps.
When you’re done tweaking your website ’s interface using these programs, our new Changes panel tracks and outlines all of the CSS alterations you’ve made during the present session, which means you can work out everything you did to correct a specific issue, and also can copy and paste your fixes back out to your code editor.{
ol, ul, p
At long last, Firefox 65 now supports the WebP picture format. WebP provides compression styles, and typically produces files which are 25-34% smaller than equivalent JPEGs or PNGs. Smaller files mean much better functionality and faster page loads, so this is a good thing.
We’ve added some practical WebExtensions API features too!
Firefox 65 features some nifty JavaScript debugging enhancements:

Notice : The steps() purpose was previously called frames(), but a few details changed, and also the CSS Working Group decided to rename it to something less confusing.