Readable flows

Console.log(rtf1.format(2,’day’)); // expected output:”in 2 days”

allow rtf2 = new Intl.RelativeTimeFormat(‘es’, style:’narrow’ );
console.log(rtf2.format(2,’day’)); // expected output:”dentro de 2 días”

Storage Accessibility API

Readable streams are currently enabled by default, enabling programmers to process data chunk by chunk since it arrives over the network, e.g. in the draw () ask .
Animation: move-across 2s unlimited alternate linear;

Pictures are fantastic, but what about video? Mozilla, together with industry partners, has been growing the next-generation AV1 video codec, which is now supported in Firefox 65 for Windows. AV1 is nearly twice as effective as H.264 in terms of compression, and, unlike H.264, it’s completely open and royalty-free. Support for additional operating systems will probably be permitted in future releases.

CSS Flexbox Inspector

You can use the component in your HTML to offer both WebP and classic image formats, leaving the final choice to the user’s browser. You serve images as appropriate, as supported browsers send an Accept: image/webp header when requesting pictures and might find support.
Now we could make the animation jump in 5 equal measures, such as this:

Changes panel


Advanced colour contrast ratio