By Way of Example, to stop a page break occurring in a paragraph or list:
Let rtf1 = fresh Intl.RelativeTimeFormat('en', style:'narrow' );

Images are great, but what about video? Mozilla, along with industry partners, has been developing the next-generation AV1 movie codec, which is currently supported in Firefox 65 for Windows. AV1 is almost two times as effective as H.264 in relation to compression, also, unlike H.264, it’s completely open and royalty-free. Support for other operating systems will be permitted in future releases.
Firefox 65 sees these features joined by a new friend -- the CSS Flexbox Inspector -- which permits you to easily visualize where your flex containers and items are sitting on the page and how much free space can be found between these, what each bend item’s default and final size is, just how much they're being shrunk or increased, and much more.

Relative time formats

  • The Interface API now enables extensions to command which tab becomes focused when the tab is closed. You may read more about the inspiration for this attribute on Piro’s blog, in which he discusses it in the context of his Tree Style Program extension.

    A Few examples
    Well now, there’s no better way to usher out the first month of this year than having a fantastic new Firefox release. It s chilly for many of us, but that means more at-home time to install Firefox variant 65, and check out a few of the fantastic new browser and web platform attributes we all ’ve included within. Unless you’d rather be minding your thick coat and heading outside to grit the driveway, that is (or even going to the beach, in the event of some of those Australian chums).
    In Mozilla, we believe that new attributes of this internet platform are often best understood with the help of intuitive, visual tools. This ’s why our DevTools team has spent the last few years getting feedback from the area, and prioritizing new tooling to allow internet devs and designers to inspect, edit, understand, and tinker with UI attributes. This drive led to the launch of this CSS Grid Inspector, Font Editor, and Shape Path Editor.
    The Storage Access API has been enabled by default, providing a mechanism for embedded, cross-origin content to ask access to client-side storage mechanics it would normally just have access to within an first-party context. This API comes with a couple of easy procedures, hasStorageAccess() and requestStorageAccess(), which respectively check and request storage access. For example:
    New break-before, break-after, and break-inside CSS properties are added, and also the now-legacy page-break-* properties are aliased to them. These properties are a part of this CSS Fragmentation spec, also set the way column, or region breaks should behave before, after, or within a box that is created.
        env(safe-area-inset-top, 20px)
        env(safe-area-inset-right, 20px)
        env(safe-area-inset-bottom, 20px)
        env(safe-area-inset-left, 20px);

    steps() cartoon timing function

    We may previously have included a DOM node and a animation together like this:
    Many updates are brought by firefox 65 .

    CSS Flexbox Inspector

    Readable flows are currently enabled by default, allowing developers to process data chunk by chunk as it arrives over the system, e.g. from a draw () ask .
    You may find quite a few of ReadableStream demos on GitHub.
    ol, ul, p

    When you’re finished tweaking your site’s interface using these programs, our newest Changes panel monitors and summarizes all the CSS alterations you’ve created during the present session, so you can work out everything you did to correct a particular problem, and also can copy and paste your fixes back out to your code editor.
    A number of CSS features have been added to Gecko. The highlights are described below.
    The web contains non-standard conflicting, or markup, and it’s up to us to make sure that pages which work in other browsers also work in Firefox.

    Break-* properties

    Animation: move-across 2s unlimited alternate linear;

    Notice : The steps() function was formerly called frames(), but some details changed, along with also the CSS Working Group chose to rename it to something less confusing.

    Other additions

    • The MediaRecorder pause and restart events are eventually supported in Firefox, as of version 65.

    Firefox Internals

    Firefox 65 features some nifty JavaScript debugging enhancements:
    Firefox 65 features several notable DevTools improvements. The highlights are as follows:
    The Intl.RelativeTimeFormat constructor allows you to output strings explaining localized comparative times, for easier human-readable time references in web apps.

    We’ve included some WebExtensions API features also!