Readable streams

Images are fantastic, but what about video? Mozilla, together with industry partners, has been growing the next-generation AV1 movie codec, which is now supported in Firefox 65 for Windows. AV1 is almost two times as effective as H.264 in terms of compression, and, unlike H.264, it’s completely open and royalty-free. Support for additional operating systems will be enabled in future releases.

In Mozilla, we believe that new attributes of the web platform tend to be best known with the support of intuitive, visual instruments. That ’ s our DevTools team has spent the last few years getting comments and assigning new tooling to permit designers and web devs to inspect, edit, understand, and tinker with UI attributes. This drive Resulted in the launch of the CSS Grid Inspector, Font Editor, and Shape Path Editor.
The Intl.RelativeTimeFormat constructor lets you output strings describing localized relative times, for simpler human-readable time references in web apps.

Fracture -* properties

The Storage Access API was enabled by default, providing a mechanism for embedded, cross-origin material to ask access to client-side storage mechanics it would normally only have access to in a first-party context. This API comes with a couple of simple methods, hasStorageAccess() and requestStorageAccess(), which respectively check and request storage access. As an instance:

A couple of examples
    env(safe-area-inset-top, 20px)
    env(safe-area-inset-right, 20px)
    env(safe-area-inset-bottom, 20px)
    env(safe-area-inset-left, 20px);

steps() animation timing function


Cartoon: move-across 2s unlimited alternate linear;

The internet often contains markup that is under-specified, non-standard, or conflicting, and it s up to us to ensure that pages which work in other browsers work in Firefox.
When you’re done tweaking your website ’s interface using these programs, our new Changes panel monitors and summarizes all the CSS modifications you’ve made during the present session, so you can work out everything you did to correct a particular problem, and also can copy and paste your fixes back out to a code editor.

Relative time formats

Other additions

  • The MediaRecorder pause and resume events are finally supported in Firefox, as of version 65.
  • For developers creating WebGL content, Firefox 65 supports the BPTC and RGTC texture compression extensions.

Firefox Internals

Firefox 65 sees these attributes joined by a new friend — the CSS Flexbox Inspector — which allows you to easily imagine where your flex containers and items are sitting on the webpage and just how much free space can be found between these, what every bend item’s default and final size is, just how much they’re being shrunk or grown, and more.
Firefox 65 features several DevTools improvements.
We ve also upgraded several facets of Firefox itself:

ol, ul, p
We’ve added the measures () CSS cartoon timing function, along with the related jump-* key words. This allows you to make animations that leap in a series of equidistant measures, rather than a smooth animation.
This avoids needing to use a mixture of window, self, international , or this, based upon where a script is executing (e.g. a page, a worker, or even Node.js).

  • The FetchEvent thing ’s replacesClientId and resultingClientId possessions are now employed -- allowing you to track the origin and destination of a navigation.
  • You can now specify a referrer coverage on scripts employed to your documents (e.g. via a referrerpolicy attribute on <script components )
  • Lastly, to avoid popup spam, can now only be called once per user interaction occasion.
  • Media: Support for both WebP and AV1, and other developments

    Break-* properties


    Readable streams

    The internet often contains conflicting, non-standard, or markup, and it’s up to us to ensure that pages that work in different browsers work in Firefox.
    Not all browsers support WebP. It is possible to use the element in your HTML to offer both WebP and traditional image formats, which makes the final choice to the user’s browser. You function images as appropriate, as encouraged browsers send an Accept header when requesting pictures and can detect WebP service.

    A couple of examples

    Changes panel

    A Fantastic evening for DevTools

    We may have included a DOM node and a animation together like this: