It’s a clean build is reconfigurable on the fly parts go and come, and that does away with tiny sticky labels. Of course, should you’re mostly shipping SMD components, you might prefer a reel established alternative. Video following the break.
The first step is to supply a set of those component that is tiny drawers most of us know and love. These are then combined with WS2812B LED strips, which act as signs for each drawer. A Particle Photon can be used because the brains of this operation, and pushes the strips. Up to now, so great.

It s a problem every maker faces at once or other to revamp the mass of components in the workshop. Some give up and live with box upon box of parts.

Obviously, blinking LEDs are great and all, but it s the voice command. Through IFTTT and Google Home, it s possible to give commands to the Particle Photon. This can be employed to deal with the components in the drawers, as well as to highlight the place of various components. It’s backed up using an Azure backend, which manages the part database and keeps tabs on everything.