“Transformative,” people’ final stop prior to receiving an customized readout of their experience. 
When guests see”A Space for Being,” we ask them to place on these specially-made bands that capture how they react to each room. Before their data is deleted from the group, each user receives a customized printout describing the distance where they felt “at ease”  Photo credit: Maremosso Studio.

The first of the three spaces for being, also known as”Essential.” 
Neuroaesthetics gives technological backing to what designers have known: design matters. It that our team of hardware designers built our Produced by Google products using certain colors, such as textures, and the Not Pink hue option for Pixel 3 telephones, such as the cloth base on the Google Home Hub. We constantly strive to build products that fit seamlessly into your life, and cause you to feel”at ease”