• An off-white coloured room with a table, seats and different-shaped mirrors onto the wall.

  • A neutral-colored room with navy couches and soft lighting.
  • Each room features a distinct look, sound, aroma and feel, complete with distinctive textures, colors and design elements. As attendees walk through the spaces, they’ll wear a wristband that measures reactions such as breathing rate, heart activity, skin temperature, skin conductivity and motion. At the conclusion, before every guest’s data is deleted, they’ll see a visual representation of their answer to each room and get a customized readout that suggests which space left them feel “at ease.”
    An artistic rendering of”A Space For Being,” Google’s 2019 Salone del Mobile Milano installation, which endeavors to research neuroaesthetics and was developed in partnership with Mutto, Reddymade Architecture and the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University. Visitors spend five minutes in each of the 3 chambers. Photo credit: Google Design Studio + Reddymade Architecture.

  • Pastel-colored wristbands on a table.