Do you have? Is there a particular odor that transports you back to your own childhood? Or does a gentle blanket in your lap help because you sit down to read you feel calmer?

  • An area with recessed lighting across the walls and a table with pink and green seats.
    Each space comes with a different look, scent, texture and sound, complete with textures, colors and design elements. As attendees wander through the spaces, they’ll wear a specially-made wristband that measures biological reactions such as skin conductivity, breathing rate, skin temperature, heart action and movement. In the end, before each guest’s information is deleted, they will see a visual representation of their response to each room and receive a customized readout that suggests which distance left them feel most”at ease”
    The display, constructed in conjunction with Muuto Design, Reddymade Architecture and the International Arts + Mind Lab at John Hopkins University, is made up. But, there is more than meets the eye in the design experience.
    Neuroaesthetics provides scientific backing. It’s due to this intuition that our group of hardware designers built our Made by products utilizing certain colours, such as the Not colour option for Pixel 3 telephones, and textures that are specific, like the cloth base on the Google Home Hub. We always strive to build products that fit seamlessly in your daily life, and cause you to feel”at ease.”