Each room features a different look, sound, scent and texture, complete with textures, colors and layout components. As attendees walk through the distances, they’ll wear a specially-made wristband that measures reactions such as breathing rate, heart activity, skin temperature, skin conductivity and motion. At the conclusion, before every guest’s information is deleted, they will see a visual representation of the response to each room and receive a customized readout that indicates which space left them feel “at ease”
The first of the 3 spaces for being, also known as”Essential.” 

Do you have music that helps you unwind after a long day? Is there a specific odor that transports you back to your childhood? Or does a gentle help you feel calmer as you sit down to read?
Today, we’re starting”A Space for Being,” our exhibit at the plan seminar Salone del Mobile Milano, which explores this link and endeavors to produce the effect of design more visible.