Enlarge / Welcome to the Atomic Shop, where your real money can turn into decorative items and, shortly, this one specific item that helps you win the game. (credit: Bethesda)
That sounds set to alter at the very least a piece with tomorrow’s”Patch 8″ update to the game, which will introduce a brand new Repair Kit usefulness thing to the shop. Even though”Improved” Repair Kits can only be found through gameplay,”Basic” Repair Kits will be for sale at the Atomic Shop, providing immediate restoration of any one thing in your inventory to complete durability.

Since Fallout 76‘s launch last November, the game’s”Atomic Shop” has enabled players to use in-game money and/or real money money solely for decorative items such as skins, costumes, and emotes. “It does not provide anything with a competitive edge, and more so, it aims to bring joy not just to you, but the other dwellers around you” is how Bethesda’s website clarifies the shop.