Facebook has always been a company with international ambition, but several jobs exemplify this better than its continuing attempt. As it generated maps from a report: The business first unveiled this job back in 2016. Now, it enlarged with new maps which cover the”majority” of Africa. “The job will gradually map almost the whole world’s inhabitants,” Facebook stated in a blog article. As Facebook explains, creating maps like this is a task for people. Although we have high-resolution satellite imagery that covers nearly every corner of the globe, turning into data is a time-consuming process. Individuals have to label each building in the pictures this with census data to make population density maps, as an instance.

This is very tricky in the African continent where census tracts can pay for areas as large as 150,000 square miles but comprise people. Fortunately, this sort of task — tedious but simple — is perfect for AI. To automate this process, Facebook’s engineers utilized data from open-source mapping project Open Street Map to train a computer vision system that can recognize buildings. Then they used this to remove the bulk of the satellite information that showed unoccupied land.
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