See at Microsoft
As long as you have a PC powerful enough to utilize it, the Samsung mixed reality headset includes all you need to begin in virtual worlds. It works really nicely with Windows and will work pretty much directly away from the box. Inside-out tracking is used by the headset so you don’t need tracking equipment. It comes with a wide area of built-in AKG headphones with spatial sound, opinion, and a mic and 3K AMOLED displays. It has 10 materials than the former generation and employs a flexible headband.

Oh strange new world…
This edition of Samsung’s mixed reality was disappearing from shelves lately. It’s rare to see it and even more rare to see it blown off. Grab one while you have the opportunity.

You can also observe this price at B&H, even though the stock seems limited there. The Odyssey+ is currently selling out at other retailers such as Amazon, so this might be one of the last times it’s available in any way, let alone for $200 off.