Mike Masnick, reporting for TechDirt: We have been trying to explain for the last few months how absolutely insane the EU Terrorist Content Regulation is going to be for the world wide web. One of a number of other bad provisions, the significant one is that it would require content removal within one hour as long as any”competent authority” within the EU sends a notice of content being advertised as”terrorist” content. Next week, the legislation is set for a vote in the EU Parliament. And as when they had been trying to reveal just how totally insane the legislation would be for the internet, multiple European bureaus (we can debate whether they are”competent”) decided to send 500 totally bogus takedown demands to the Web Archive a week, asserting it was hosting terrorist propaganda material. […] And just in case you believe that perhaps the requests are somehow untrue, they’re so obviously bogus that anyone using a browser would understand they’re false. Contained in the list of takedown demands are a bunch of the Archive’s”collection pages” such as the whole Project Gutenberg page of public domain names, it’s collection of over 15 million publicly downloadable texts, the famed Prelinger Archive of public domain movies and also the Archive’s enormous Grateful Dead collection. Oh yeah, also a webpage of CSPAN recordings. Much content that is terrorist!