[[Editor’s note: I Had Been the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s first-ever European Director, which was a Mad and amazing job at a time Once the organization was Considerably smaller; Today EFF is much Larger, and Global issues are a Far bigger deal for us, with bad policy ideas ricocheting around the globe and needing a coordinated response; the below is from my colleague Rainey Reitman, EFF’s Chief Program Officer; you can find the formal listing here -Cory ]]

EFF is hiring an International Policy Director to help us defend rights! The candidate will work as a bridge between the legal strategy and our global policy work of EFF. We’re especially looking for someone with profound experience from the European process, with a specialization in intermediary liability issues and global copyright law. The job combines direction, strategy, coalition building, and policy evaluation.

This job will be crucial in helping to guide the future involvement of EFF in the coming years around technology coverage in Europe. Please apply, Whether this role seems like a good match for your experience! And if not, you can still assist EFF by sending it and posting this to social websites. We’ll be accepting applications until April 23.