What you need to understand

  • “Project xCloud” is Microsoft’s forthcoming game streaming support.
  • In E3 2019, everyone could check it out by mixing a match 400 miles off.
  • An analysis says xCloud only exhibited 67 ms of input which is almost the same as playing an Xbox One.
  • March’s Stadia investigation saw 166 ms of input .

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Since its reveal in March, Google might have been able to bring the input lag farther. We ought to know for sure in November when Stadia goes for Founder’s Edition readers and xCloud is in public trials. Let the streaming wars begin!

At E3 2019, Microsoft is giving gamers the chance to try out”Project xCloud,” its match streaming service which competes with Google Stadia.
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Remember that this evaluation was conducted in less-than-ideal testing requirements, but it still shows a dramatic decrease in input lag when compared to Stadia’s previous testing. However, since this is an early evaluation, xCloud heading could be changed on by the input .

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Project xCloud might have almost the same input lag as playing in your home.
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In our video tests, the period between tapping a button and viewing a response on the smartphone screen shot sixteen frames of a 240 FPS video or 67 ms across three following evaluations. That’s almost imperceptibly slower compared to the 63 ms input latency Digital Foundry quantified on the Xbox One version of Halo 5 in 2017… Testing latency of a wired… Stadia demonstration at March’s Game Developers Conference, Digital Foundry found total latency of 166 ms, compared to a low of 100 ms on a 60 FPS PC.

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According to an investigation by Ars Technica, xCloud only exhibited 67 milliseconds (ms) of input compared to Stadia’s 166 ms. Should you directly play Halo 5 to a console, then you experience 63 ms of input :