She included that the idea was embraced by influencers, with some telling her, “We adore going on Instagram [but] it’s ’s challenging because there s no experience for us to have that meaningful interaction over. It turns into the exact same. ”

Recommendations from social media influencers have become a part of the app. With Shopping Party, they’re taking centre stage — the attribute lets them share video chatting with fans and while surfing different products on Dote.

Dote increases $7.2 million for its mobile shopping program
Dote plans to host two Shopping Parties every hour from 6am to 10am Pacific time for the following two weeks, to kick things off. (The company says the normal Shopping Party lasts about 15 minutes.) There will be Shopping Parties sponsored by brands.

Farleigh, who worked at mobile gaming company Product Stone compared this to match flowing on Twitch, except for shopping.

Founder and CEO Lauren Farleigh said her first goal was supposed to create “a truly native cellular experience” that made it “simple to test out across a lot of different shops. ”
Farleigh said the idea came from a trip last 17, she took with Dote influencers to Fiji. She explained watching them speak together at the airport and store, and in what she stated was ” she understood there ’ s, an “ ah-ha minute. ”

Dote has raised a total of $23 million.

Since you re actually surfing and talking about products in a Dote app, shopping Party offers one solution to that issue. Apparently this was a real technical challenge — Shopping Party is leveraging Apple’s ReplayKit 2 frame to deliver 2 livestreams (one from the phone camera, one from the Dote app) while also incorporating live chats.

“[Dote’s] customer-centric shopping platform uniquely blends innovative technologies like live-streaming with fun and relevant social features, setting the standard for how all significant brands and retailers will connect to Gen Z,” said Goodwater Handling Partner Eric Kim in a statement. “We are thrilled to partner with them to accelerate this transformation”
Mobile shopping startup Dote is currently exceeding $12 million in new financing, in addition to a new feature called Shopping Party.