We’re eager to develop the program, including and fitting more groups this year. You won’t want to miss Docker Pals’ ideal edition yet!

If you have been to DockerCon before, please consider signing up to be a Guide and assist welcome people newer to DockerCon to the amazing Docker community. Participating gives you the chance to get more information, expand your system, and have fun!
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Here is what Pals had to say about DockerCon Barcelona:
Our Guide was very useful and I truly loved meeting other Pals in the conference.”

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“[Our Guide] created our team super connected and gave us many insights that helped us to get the most from the conference!”

“[I enjoyed] the fact that even though I had been there alone I always had a place to turn for assistance and fellowship.”

For More info:

So as we found the Docker Pals app at DockerCon Copenhagen to join attendees and let them make the most out of the trip. Attending a seminar or on your own can be intimidating and we do not want anybody to feel that way! Pals get paired with a couple other people that are new (the”Pals”), and someone who knows their way round (the”Guide”) so you will have a familiar group before you arrive in the summit. Guides help Pals are available for queries, and determine which talks and activities to attend.