I bet this is exactly what it looks like as the actual deal is tooling around on Mars, but there’s a alien riding it instead of a kid doing stuff and donuts, kicking up dust. But you’ll never find that since our government doesn’t need us to understand. But I do, and I won’t be silenced.
I know this, since this amazing Mars rover was constructed by him because of his son. The Rover steered via a wired controller by Kris as he walks close by, and contains six wheels that were articulated, each with its own engine drive for handling uneven terrain. To be honest it looks like a car or truck that is off-road that is very fun. I wouldn’t head riding around in this thing if we could up the dimensions, speed, and give it also a killer paint job and a few ties. You can check videos out of this thing in action, along with the build procedure under:
[through Laughing Squid through Geekologie]

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