The change is a little large, but it could probably be made smaller with proper contacts. But you still need at least a few magnets to provide the detents without making alterations that are mechanical.
There are certain challenges we will need to face sooner or later. Changing a flat tire in the rain, trying to wear a top which doesn’t quite fit, or creating a 16 position rotary switch to get a replica computer front panel.

Switches of course are tech, and there are plenty of ways to create connections. [Megardi] settled on using reed switches and 16 little magnets. This works, but you probably wouldn’t wish to use it where the switch might become close to an outside magnet. It will however make without a lot of work for a neat assembly. It also resists wear compared to some brush type arrangement.

It would be interesting to revisit that pc.  We enjoyed the knob, but if you simply require a reproduction knob, there are other ways to go.