It’s fraught. We believe the failure of a lousy decision in advance, long before we discover whether it was really bad.


Disneyworld is stressful.
The five are in an eternal dance, with capitalist agents regularly using economics to induce us to trade . We’re satisfied, clearly, which is the reason why our civilization isn’t stable. We regularly build systems to create habits that lower the cognitive load, but , curiosity kick in and the cycle begins again.

  • Stress
  • Cognitive load (and also the desire for dependency and ease)
  • Greed (fueled by fear)
  • Curiosity
  • Generosity/connection

Here s my list, in sequence behaviour in the modern, world that is privileged:
The occasional visitor has fun than you might expect. That ’ s because without habits, attention is required by every choice. And focus is exhausting.
And it s not just Disneyworld. It’s today the whole world.

And it s stressful because the choices made appear to be costly. There’s a substantial opportunity cost to doing this not that. You’re leaving tomorrow, what are? Imagine if it’s not worth the line? What exactly are you missing?
Every minute on a site is a moment not spent doing anything different. Every decision on what to write in social media is enervating. It’s not with also a TV Guide along with just three TV channels to make that difficult decision easier.
(The most popular magazine in America, for years, was devoted to helping people figure out which one of three channels to see ).