Castro now uses language that is comfortable to help navigate the app:

  • The”Inbox” tab has become only”New”
  • The”Archive” tab has been renamed’Library”
  • “Archiving” is currently”Clearing”

The biggest feature rolled out from Model 2019.2 is the new Improved Podcast Discovery attribute. This was announced by supertop on their blog:

The next major feature that was rolled out in this upgrade is that the Snappier Search feature that gives you instant results as you type. This appears to be a small feature, but it required a lot of server-side work to have it ready and it s the type of little detail which makes Castro such a podcast player for iPhone.

Supertop also have taken this chance to update some of the language. They write:

Supertop, makers of the wonderful podcast player Castro, have launched a significant update to the app that introduces two amazing features together with minor upgrades to the terminology used inside.

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We made the new Discover tab to offer a easy way to allow us each week, to emphasize a small number of interesting podcasts. The Instagram-like feed makes it effortless to rapidly scan for collections that are fascinating. All these collections are curated by usand we are going to introduce new collections. It is intended to be a way know what is new and to locate shows that were fascinating, not a deep dive into a directory of every anyone might want.

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At launch, the collections available include the fairly obvious Apple Tech Podcasts and Best New Shows, but I am excited about other interesting collections in the forthcoming weeks.
When we originally designed Castro we lacked language in email, to-do, along with other productivity programs to describe the”triage” flow of handling episodes in the app. This language worked well for users comfortable with those programs, but it made Castro a little more difficult to learn for everybody. When clearly understood, terms such as”Archive” and”Inbox” started to feel out of place at a podcast participant, since podcasts are supposed to be fun, not having to Inbox Zero

I ’ m not sure if I enjoy this change because the “ triage ” strategy to podcasts was what attracted Castro me at the first place, but I see why they needed to make this change. Castro now is just one of the greatest podcast apps for iPhone the programmers need to accommodate it and as more and more people discover the app.