[Bonus Round] Pictures, Tiny Klepto, Eat it Up, LegFish, OCO, and True Surf was composed by the Wonderful team at Android Authorities .
Welcome to the entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of this day that we couldn’t get to through our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick upgrade for the dedicated gamers who can’t await our roundups, and do not wish to wade through a whole day’s worth of information just to receive their fix that is pixelated. Today we’ve got a fresh puzzle game from the creator of You Must Build a Boat, a pixel-based roguelike all about thievery, a lighthearted casual game in which you use a frog’s tongue to pick up objects, a ridiculously enjoyable rhythm game about dance fish, a minimal puzzle-platformer using its own phase creation tool, and a surfing game by the founder of True Skate.