First products available for sale. However, due to technical and
business limitations we struck in the shop, we made a decision to
draw BBEdit in the Mac App Store at 2014.

This welcome information coincides with now ’s 12.6.3 update for all BBEdit users, which, as ever, is accompanied by copiously detailed release notes.

BBEdit was one of its, Whenever the Mac App Store surfaced in 2011

After the departure from the Mac App Store of BBEdit, we had lots of

App Store versions of BBEdit to function to their fullest extent
whilst complying with Mac App Store rules; as well as modifications to
the Mac App Store business mechanisms which make it possible for us
to spread our software through the Mac App Store as part of a
sustainable business model.

This was made possible by changes to the OS itself
Discussions with Apple, and with our customers, regarding the
issues that we had encountered with the shop.

In the spring of 2018, Apple and Bare Bones announced that,
Following the release of macOS Mojave (10.14) along with the
accompanying refresh of this Mac App Store, BBEdit would be
returning to the shop.

(Those Program Shop articles will available in the App Store programs on Mojave or even iOS.) Even a nice tweet from Phil Schiller.
using a subscription version for the Mac App Store variant: $40/year or $ 4/month — a veritable bargain, they ’ ve made this work.