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Microsoft Azure gateway April 2019 upgrade

After sweeping up numerous awards with the general availability release of Azure Media Services’ Video Indexer, including the 2018 IABM for invention in content management and also the esteemed Peter Wayne award, our staff has remained focused on building a wealth of new features and versions to allow any company with a massive archive of media content to unlock insights from their content; and use those insights enhance searchability, enable new user scenarios and accessibility, and open new monetization opportunities. At NAB Show 2019, we’re announcing a wealth of new enhancements to Video indexer’s versions and adventures.

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Announcing the Azure Functions Premium plan for business serverless workloads

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Unlock committed resources and business attributes by migrating to Service Bus Premium

This time around Azure This Week, rsquo & Lars discusses Microsoft;s hybrid strategy which gets another drive with infrastructure, Azure Premium Block Blob Storage is now available, and AI programmers get more goodies.
Thumbnail from SheHacksPurple: Changes to Azure Security Center Subscription
Screenshot of Azure Service Bus migration in the Azure portal
Microsoft has completed preparations for the upcoming GPS Week Number Rollover to make sure that customers of Microsoft time resources do not experience any impact. Microsoft is aware of this upcoming transition and has reviewed devices and procedures to guarantee readiness. Azure products and services that rely on GPS timing devices have received declaration of compliance with IS-GPS-200 in the device manufacturers, mitigating threat to users of Microsoft period resources.
Ted Neward and Jeffrey Palermo are going to be speaking about the ‘Ops’ (AKA the surgeries ) facet of DevOps. They discuss how surgeries is implemented from the DevOps motion, the function of surgeries, the way Dev and Ops must operate together, what businesses should normally understand around the different roles, where the business is headed, and Ted’s lots of recommendations in the world of DevOps.
Azure Reservations offer flexibility to help meet your evolving needs. You are able to exchange a booking for one more reservation of the exact same type, and you can refund a reservation if you do not need it.

With manufacturing technology that is smart, new services can be delivered by you, innovate to decrease the time to market, and improve your earnings.  At the Hannover Messe 2019 event, discover how Microsoft and spouses are empowering companies to generate new business value with digital services to come up with services and products. AzureABILITY