We passed legislation that was world-first to punish websites, individuals and networking platforms that host and publish material that was abhorrent. In the wake of the Christchurch shootings, we are currently taking a zero tolerance approach to sharing such substance. pic.twitter.com/CWCxc8JYM5

According to the laws, forms of press whether put in or outside Australia, is regarded “abhorrent violent behaviour ” and must be removed from social media platforms. Attempting to do this “expeditiously” could lead to workers, and companies needing to pay a hefty fine of up to 10% of their profit.

What are Australian politicians saying?

Who is opposing the bill?

However, most, such as independent member of parliament Kerryn Phelps, criticized the timeline with. Calling the invoice a “knee-jerk reaction,” Phelps stated it might have “myriad unintended consequences” such as discouraging internet platforms from running activities in Australia to prevent being vulnerable to dangers.
“Together with the vast volumes of articles uploaded to the internet every moment,” Bose said, “that is an extremely complex problem which requires discussion with the technology industry, legal specialists, the media and civil society to get the solution right — that didn’t happen this week. ”