A number of companies are rushing in to observe what kids do in their school-issued technician, reports the Outline. In the story: As colleges struggle to catch up with the internet environment that is fast-moving, technology can look like both the cause of and solution to life’s problems. Schools are turning to high-tech surveillance tools to supervise students online. Since Nelson, who has worked in education for 20 decades, told The Outline:”There has always been a small percentage of their student body which are likely to be jerks or are struggling. With technology, they’re able to [do harm] more quickly and intensely.”

Apple Classroom and DyKnow, that bills itself as”classroom-management applications for teachers,” let teachers to lock pupils’ tablets or computers into specific apps in order to cut off distractions and the temptation to cheat. These programs let teachers call up pictures of students’ screens and histories of programs each student has used to check who was off-task and that has been following instructions.
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