Apple at March hired Ian Goodfellow as its director of machine learning from the Special Projects Group, Based on Goodfellow’s LinkedIn profile Which Has Been shared by CNBC.

Giannandrea, who likely oversees Goodfellow’s job, was appointed Apple’s senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy back in December, just months after his first April hiring.

This Guide,”Apple's Special Projects Group Gains Former Google Machine Learning Expert” initially emerged on

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GANs have been used to create fake artwork and deepfakes, aka fake digital pictures which are indistinguishable from actual pictures.

Goodfellow worked on safety and GANs technology, while at Google. It is not clear what he is doing at Apple, but the company’s machine learning techniques are used for several elements of its software.

Goodfellow worked as a senior staff research scientist at Google, and before that, he had been an Open AI research scientist.

With the other Google employee heading up those divisions, apple has been working on bolstering its AI and machine learning efforts in recent years.