The small irony in this ad is that Apple does in fact utilize a round pizza box layout, similar to the one in the advertisement, in its office cafeterias. It even retains a patent for the layout.

The three-minute segment is well done and funny, and you will see it:
However, it wouldn’t be quite like Apple to suggest that its solutions aren’t the best method to do anything, even something as simple as transporting a pizza from one spot to another.
Much like with Apple’s forthcoming services and its failure to convince Chinese consumers that the iPhone is well worth the price, Apple is struggling more than ever to show what distinguishes its products from its competitors. Some of those competitions (that I ’m looking at you, Microsoft and Samsung) are stepping up like never before, also.

Apple (occasionally ) makes excellent computers, watches, tablets, telephones, and other devices which make getting work done possible. We use Macs here at Quartz. But IT departments and company procurement, particularly those such as the one in the ad that seem to be concerned that they’ve not updated the workplace decoration since the 1970s, have to observe the advantages. And given that there seem to be a few Microsoft products being used in the commercial, like Microsoft Excel, it’s not abundantly obvious why that group needs iMacs, which begin at $1,100, also iPad Experts, which begin at $978 using the computer keyboard instance , to do their tasks when a bog-standard Dell or Microsoft Surface may do just fine.

But after it s finished, you’re likely left with some questions. The advertisement features a group putting together a pitch for their own product. Did their pitch triumph? What exactly made those Apple goods they used to put it so special?
Quartz has asked Apple if it’s ever thought of licensing its layout from other pizza manufacturers, but we’re imagining that there’s a reason why couple of pizza boxes detract from the standard square shape: it’s much cheaper to mass produce, boat, and place together. While Apple’s design could potentially have its advantages –perhaps it may be made from entirely recycled cardboard (we’ve requested ), as Apple does apparently care profoundly regarding the environment–it appears that the box, like virtually everything Apple focuses on these days, is an over-engineered remedy to an issue that had already been solved in a less costly manner.
Yesterday (April 2), Apple introduced a new advertisement targeted at corporate clients.