Little is known concerning the W.A.L.T., and while it has been seen in pictures, there has never been a video of it in action, until now. Sonny Dickson this morning shared a video that reveals the W.A.L.T. being used, and it is a fascinating look at ancient Apple technology.

This article,”Apple's 1993 W.A.L.T. Combined Telephone and Fax Machine Prototype Seen at Action in New Video” first appeared

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It had a series of hardware buttons for triggering various purposes, as revealed in the movie, and it worked with a stylus which could be used for navigation and writing. There is a ton of lag when using the stylus, though writing does not seem great.
The video walks through lots of the card to fax configurations, which included options for alarms, more, and making greetings.
Unsurprisingly, the W.A.L.T. takes some time to begin given its era, but it is practical, running Mac System 6.

W.A.L.T., that was designed with phone company BellSouth, was made from PowerBook 100 components, and according to Dickson, prototypes came with an”unusual” manual that included basic instructions like”Do not use WALT near water” and”Do not drop WALT.”

Apple shelved W.A.L.T. and finally failed to launch the apparatus, but the residual prototypes provide an intriguing look back at Apple’s development efforts more than 25 years ago.