The promotion is offered in other regions as well as the USA and will continue through Friday , such as Japan. With the credit on your iTunes account, you are able to rent or buy iTunes movies and TV shows, buy books in Apple Books, pay for your Apple Music or iCloud subscriptions, plus much more.

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Apple has started offering users the chance to include 10 percent additional credit to their App Store and iTunes accounts this week, very similar to past offers from the business. For this deal, you are going to need to add cash from a credit or debit card attached to your accounts to your Apple ID accounts.
To bring the funds on your iPhone, visit the App Store, tap on your profile picture, then tap”Add Money to Apple ID.” Here you can choose from $1.00 into $200.00 to add to your account in order to acquire the 10 percent bonus charge. This means that the most you can escape the offer will be $20 in iTunes credit that is free when incorporating $200.