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An anonymous reader quotes a report by Gizmodo: Chinese journalists and netizens lately discovered that Apple Music’s Chinese streaming agency censored a tune by Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung that mentions that the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests, an extremely politically sensitive topic for the Chinese Communist Party. The 30th anniversary of the incident is coming up in June. The Tiananmen protests are emblematic. Thousands of protesters were killed, but the exact amounts have themselves been censored by government officials.

Apple Music has also censored Anthony Wong two singers, and Denise Ho. The Hong Kong Free Press and The Stand, two Hong Kong-based news outlets reported the removals after being noticed by netizens. Taiwan News also reported that the censorship of Cheung’s”Ren Jian Dao.” The music stays on the North American goods of Apple Music. “By eliminating a song speaking the Tiananmen Massacre, @apple is actively engaging in the Chinese Communist Party’s schedule of scrubbing the colossal violations it has committed against the Chinese people from collective memory and rewriting history,” tweeted Yaqiu Wang, a Chinese researcher with Human Rights Watch.