With the launch of macOS 10.15, Apple might be planning to launch different Music and Podcasts apps for the Mac, according to developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

In a tweet shared this afternoon, Troughton-Smith said that based on evidence he’s discovered, Apple seems to be working on new UIKit-based Music, Podcasts, and Novels apps for macOS, all three of which could unite the TV app that Apple has said is in the works.

Independent programs for each of these services imply that Apple is likely to split up the iTunes program for Mac, which is where Podcasts, Movies, and TV Shows can be found at the current moment. Apple has app although a Books program, but an upgraded version that contains audiobooks might be in evolution.

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Every one of these programs were predicated on iOS apps, and added iOS apps could be attracted to Mac to substitute iTunes, with new the applications coming in 2019.