Details about the upcoming challenge were shared this afternoon on Twitter by Kyle Seth Gray, who shared pictures of the achievement badge and accompanying iMessage sticker those who complete the challenge will receive.

Apple has completed two other Activity Challenges this season to celebrate International Women’s Day in March and Heart Month in February.
Apple hosts Task Challenges for well-known occasions and holidays, and for the last several decades, there has been an Earth Day Challenge. Goals in 2017 and 2018 were just like the 2019 goal — finish a exercise.
Apple Watch consumers will be able by performing any exercise for half an hour or longer to earn the Earth Day 2019 badge.
Apple often celebrates Earth Day in an assortment of ways, also Apple retail workers are very likely to don green shirts in honor of the environment-focused occasion. Apple retail shops are inclined to be updated with green foliage accents in their logos which Apple does on Earth Day each year.