Apple has contributed a straight to series order for eight episodes of”Lisey’s Story,” a TV show based on the Stephen King book of the exact same name, reports The Hollywood Reporter.
Apple now has more than two dozen tv shows in the works for its forthcoming Apple TV+ support , which will be set to debut this autumn. We’ve got a running list of all of the TV shows and films that Apple is working on readily available in our original content manual .

Picture credit: Getty Images via The Hollywood Reporter

This is the third series Abrams is working on for Apple, as he is also growing”Small Voice” with Sara Bareilles and”My Glory Was I Had Such Friends” with Jennifer Garner.
Before, King has known as “Lisey’s Story” among his favorite books, and one that he would really like to see turned into a television show.

The publication, that is a psychological horror with love elements, is split between Lisey’s life in the current time along with her dead husband’s life (a famed novelist) as it remembers it. Lisey begans to recall things about her husband while being terrorized from the current by a fan of her husband, that she had suppressed.

While Stephen King will write all of eight episodes in addition to producing julianne Moore is set to star in the show. Since The Hollywood Reporter points out, King doesn’t frequently write for TV shows, making”Lisey’s Story” notable.