At the time, van Hoff said he’d be departing Jaunt by the end of 2018, and it appears he ended up in Apple. It is not clear what he’s doing at the Cupertino company, but given his expertise in AR and VR, he is likely joined Apple reality efforts.
Rumors have suggested Apple is currently working on developing a set. Apple has prototypes in the works, also there have been.

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Rumors of troubles at the firm started in 2018, also in October, Jaunt VR let go of much of its employees, pivoting from VR hardware to augmented reality. Jaunt is presently focusing on building a platform.
Van Hoff has been also an engineer in TiVo, services and software CTO in Dell, and CTO of Flipboard.

Apple this month additional Jaunt VR founder Arthur van Hoff to its AR/VR team, based on van Hoff’s upgraded LinkedIn profile which was first detected by Variety.

Van Hoff is currently employed with no other detail.