Long story short, this is why it’s always dangerous. Somebody looked in the technical hurdles AirPower convinced that the executive team that they’d figure it all out and nevertheless confronted in September 2017, and it was safe to announce. Constantly figure out these things because they are Apple, and they. And there were men and women who seemed at AirPower’s multi-coil layout and said it was not possible to ever get the job done safely.
The wrong side won that argument.
We and high standards have cancelled the project. We apologize to
all those customers who looked forward to this launch. We
continue to think that the future is wireless and are dedicated to push the wireless encounter forward,” explained Dan Riccio, Apple’s
senior vice president of Hardware Engineering in an emailed
statement now.

“After a while, we’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our

Difficulty meeting with its standards.

Apple has canceled the AirPower product completely, citing

If Apple were ever to just give up, I have been wondering. Looks like it is Riccio.
Here’s how weird that is: the bundle for the new wireless AirPods case — just released last week — comes with an illustration of the AirPower mat around the rear .

Reporting for TechCrunch, matthew Panzarino: