This season at Google Cloud Next, the theme is about encouraging hybrid surroundings, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise which Apigee, the API firm it purchased in 2016 for $265 million, is also getting into the action. Today, Apigee announced the beta of Apigee Hybrid, a new product created for hybrid environments.

Amit Zavery, who recently joined Google Cloud following several years at Oracle, also Nandan Sridhar, clarify the new product in a combined blog post as “a new setup option for the Apigee API management platform which lets you host your runtime anywhere–in your data centre or the public cloud of your choice. ”
“With Apigee hybridvehicle, you receive a single, full-featured API management solution across all of your surroundings, while providing you control over your APIs along with the information they expose and also ensuring a unified strategy across all APIs in your enterprise,” Zavery and Sridhar wrote in the blog post announcing the new approach.

Much like Anthos, the firm ’s approach to hybrid management declared earlier today, the point is to have one way to control your APIs no matter where you decide to run them.

The statement is part of an overall plan by the company to support a client ’s approach across a variety of environments, often referred to as hybrid cloud. From the Cloud planet, the concept is to present a single fabric to oversee your deployments, irrespective of location.

This is apparently an extension of the idea, which makes sense, given that Google has been the first business to grow and open minded Kubernetes, that is at the forefront of containerization and Cloud Native calculating. Although this isn ’ t Cloud Native computing that is pure, it’s keeping true to its ethos and it fits in the scope of Google Cloud ’ s approach to computing in general, especially as it’s being defined as of this season conference.
Google will acquire Apigee for $625 million