When we began using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) 10 years ago, we included a few basic programs in the AOSP build for three main functions:

  1. to provide a usable set of software for somebody building an Android apparatus from our AOSP
  2. to function as a demonstration for the nascent Android program developer community, showcasing the way They Ought to build some of these applications
  3. to, as a portion of their platform, provide performance to other Android applications that would interact together through the standard Android APIs such as the shared intents

AOSP’s Calendar program now exposes itself as a goal handler for the calendar occasions . New events cannot be created and present events cannot be edited or deleted. The following features have been deleted: support for reminders multiple accounts and settings. Some features remain for supplying part of the platform functionality that are not needed: viewpoints for month, week, and day. This program could be further simplified later on.

Calculator Program

So far, Calculator, Calendar, and Music has been cleaned up:. See below for details on these updates. Going ahead, you can expect to see similar efforts with the other software in the AOSP repository.

As part of the system and hence has been removed build, the calculator application is a standalone app, and doesn’t function. However, the application will continue to exist since a open source project separately.

AOSP’s Music app can now playback audio, 1 file at a time, and displays itself as a goal handler for your android.media.browse.MediaBrowserService. The app has a slider going backward and forward, and controls to play and pause. Characteristics Settings, and Music Icon, Artists, Albums, Songs Lookup.

Posted by Raman Tenneti, AOSP Software Engineer and Ally Sillins, AOSP Program Manager
As always, we are eager to hear your feedback on the programmer website or via our AOSP forum.

Music Application

However, as the Android ecosystem has matured more than we’ve noticed a healthy growth of alternative applications – both as open-source and proprietary implementations – developed by the developer community. These applications aren’t just capable to serve the first two functions, but often times exhibit set of features. Last yearwe started to clean up these programs in AOSP to focus on the previous purpose — their function to provide to other Android applications.