Assembling a virtual reality experience may seem daunting, but it really isn’t. WebVR and frameworks like A-Frame make it really easy to get started. That is why we worked to create a WebVR kit. It is a freevideo course with interactive code examples which will teach you the essentials of WebVR. Our expectation is that this starter kit can encourage anyone that has been on the fence about creating virtual reality experiences to dive in and begin.

Prepared to maintain going? Click the link to view the show on Glitch.

Have a look at part one of the series.
We love the people behind Glitch. They’ve created a neighborhood that is champions creativity, and encouraging and a culture. We discuss their vision for an internet that’s creative, personal, and individual . The capability to deliver adventures throughout the browser opens a new avenue for creativity. It permits us to move beyond screens, and computer keyboards. It is exciting, and fresh, and sometimes a bit bizarre (but in a good way).

Here at Mozilla, we’re huge fans of Glitch. In 2017 we made the choice to host our content. The choice was easy. Glitch makes it easy to research, and remix live code examples for WebVR.

In the Glitch viewer it is possible to see how to earn a WebVR planetarium in only a few easy-to-follow measures.

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