Android Q Beta 2, a deep dive

Android Q Beta 2 is outside ! On my daily driver, it snapped despite the abundance of insect warnings from Google and am back to report on a few matters. Beta 2 gives us a whole new feature to play called”Bubbles,” plenty of small changes, and frustratingly slow development on Android’s gesture navigation system.

Google’s bubble sample app lets you speak to animals. [credit:
Ron Amadeo ]

The headline feature of Android Q Beta 2 is”Bubbles,” that is a multitasking UI that bears a striking resemblance to the older Facebook”Chat Heads” feature. Apps pop up into floating windows and can be minimized into a floating circle that is little. Android supports this in the OS level, so any program could be a bubble. Google suggests using this for notice apps messaging apps, directions, and anything else as you move around your phone you may want to keep at hand.

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