To get an intriguing run-of-the-mill of the condition of the 555 artwork, read this informative article in our own [Ted Yapo].

Everything could be done with a 555. It s a law that is universal, as all readers understand. And a light that is flashing will have been completed before many times. But nobody has ever created a 555 flashing light as little as thie one made by [TWires], that has obtained a TI LMC555 chip-scale packaged 555 and dead-bugged a functioning flasher on its surface with 01005 discrete components. There’s a movie showing it in operation we’ve placed below the break, and it’s tiny. This piece of work is in another class entirely, although we believe ourselves to be proficient at soldering.
We ’ d state it s taken the blinky to new levels of tininess, although it employs the capacitor for power. Does this mean there is a new arms race in the sphere of blinkies upon us? We hope so, and we can ’ t wait to see what folks come up with, though it ’ s hard to imagine they could get much smaller. It s that stating something can ’ t be achieved is unwise if there ’ s one thing about our neighborhood: if it is possible one of you will find a way. Even Microchip’s MIC1555 might be a bit large though, so something inventive is called for.