Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s head of human resources, replied on March 29 after dozens of emails had accumulated on the chain, saying that she had raised the matter with the firm ’s senior leadership team, and would look into claims which were originally passed over by HR.
“this thread was discussed by me with the [senior leadership team] today. We’re appalled and unhappy to hear about these experiences. It’s quite painful also to know that such behavior is being faced by anyone at Microsoft and to hear these stories. We must do much better,” Hogan wrote. Management or HR dismissed “ I want to provide to anybody who has such demeaning experiences including people who believed to email me. I will look into the problem with my team. ”
As a Microsoft Partner, was requested to sit on the lap of someone in 1 assembly facing HR and executives, ” she composed. I will assure you that nothing has been done. I objected and mentioned Microsoft policy. The person said that he did not need to listen and repeated the request another time. Nobody said anything. ”

A Microsoft spokesperson s response. CEO Satya Nadella and chief officer Brad Smith were included among the list of receivers at the chain.
One female Microsoft employee alleged that through a work trip if she didn’t perform sexual acts that were implied, a worker of a partner company threatened to kill her. I raised immediate attention to HR and direction ,” she wrote. “My man manager explained that ‘ it seemed like he flirted ’ and I must ‘ get it over ’. HR said that because there wasn’t any evidence, and this guy worked for a partner company rather than Microsoft, there was nothing that they could do. ”
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Correction: This story was updated to correct that the Microsoft Partner was not a Microsoft collaborator from an outside organization, but a senior-level person at Microsoft.

Another Microsoft employee alleged that she had been asked to sit on somebody’s lap while she was working as a”Microsoft Partner,” a senior level person at the business.
On the ribbon, some Microsoft employees stated that they discovered the discussion empowering and that they appreciated the willingness of the colleagues to come forward.

Microsoft has faced scrutiny for sexual harassment from the recent past. A class action litigation registered in March 2018 alleged 238 cases of sexual discrimination or harassment between 2010 and 2016 weren’t taken seriously enough.

Quartz, which independently verified the content of their emails with just two Microsoft employees who were included on the chain, is not currently identifying the employees quoted for their privacy’s sake. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the firm ’s leading HR executive had replied to the thread.

Another found it was pervasive in the company, and said that she was called a “ bitch ” in the office more than once. “We did a roundtables with all the women when I was in Xbox core [group ] & each woman, except for 1, had been called a bitch at work,” that the Microsoft employee wrote. “Before folks say that this is just an Xbox thing (as I’ve discovered that dismissiveness way too many times within Microsoft earlier ) the other eng [technology ] orgs in which my experiences occurred were Windows & Azure. That really is a common one, a Microsoft thing. ”
Women have shared tales of discrimination and harassment, gaining notice s leadership group, based on over 90 pages of emails reviewed by Quartz.

The collective anger and frustration is palpable. There is A broad audience listening.
The chain began March 20 when one employee asked other girls in the company for advice about how best to move up in the business, following six years in precisely the same position without visiting the chance of advancement. Dozens of women then shared their own frustrations about discrimination and sexual harassment, detailing allegations ranging from sexist comments throughout work trips to being advised to sit a coworker’s lap before a human resources pioneer. Another woman said she had been given tasks such as taking meeting notes, reserving conference rooms, despite being in a technical role and making dinner reservations.

 “This thread has pulled the scab off a festering wound. The anger and frustration is palpable.