The BEZOS Act, that was introduced by Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif), proposed to taxation companies for every dollar their low-wage workers obtained in government assistance, including health care and food stamps.

It says it s on track for a $15 per hour minimum wage by 2020. Costco this year raised its hourly wage to $15 per hour, up from $14 per hour that it hit at June 2018.
However, to a point, the focus on corporate and pay advantages detracts from a few of the criticism leveled against Amazon: the conditions in its own warehouses.
With his opinions – “you understand who you are! ” – Bezos is hard Amazon’s rivals such as Walmart and Target to do better, as their cover increases nevertheless have Amazon in the lead.
“We feel this will benefit our business as we invest in our employees. “We’d offered salaries. But we decided it was time to direct — to offer. We did it because it looked like the right thing to do. ”

The correspondence also attempts to create the case to antitrust regulators that Amazon shouldn’t be broken up, as, says Bezos, “third party vendors are kicking our first party butt. Badly. ” And because the company simply signifies a “low single-digit proportion of the market. ”

He also stated that many workers were on public assistance, obtained Medicaid, foot stamps, or public housing.

These issues weren’t addressed in the letter. Instead, Bezos centered on corporate perks, like Amazon’s Career Choice program, that pays up to 95 percent of tuition and tuition involving a certificate or diploma in qualified fields of study; and its Amazon Future Engineer application, which support STEM and CS education in the U.S. for elementary, higher school, and university students.
These conditions have been branded “fatal and dehumanizing” by a New York labor union; have had workers pushing to unionize and protesting; and also have been the topic of countless reports in the press, including terror stories about constant surveillance, employees urinating in garbage cans out of fear a fracture would have them missing aims, health concerns, and generally feeling they’re being treated as robots.
“I want to give credit where credit is due,” Sanders had said. “What Mr. Bezos has done now isn’t only enormously essential for Amazon’s countless thousands of employees, it could well be, and I think it will be, a shot heard round the world.”
The correspondence in full is available here.
Amazon is not the only merchant increasing its minimum wages.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos challenged rival retailers to increase their minimum wages to $16 per hour, in their own annual letter to investors released on Thursday. Amazon at November had raised its own minimum wage to $15 per hour, in reaction to this ongoing criticism around pay disparity and poor functioning conditions. Bezos proposed retailers push it to perform better, or should follow Amazon ’ s lead.

This past year, Senator Bernie Sanders gathered input by Amazon employees across the U.S. in advance of laws that he was preparing to document in September, titled “BEZOS Act. ” He discovered that the median wages for Amazon employees was approximately $28,000 annually, but roughly half of Amazon workers fell under that amount.
The business also said over 250,000 Amazon workers were benefitted by its wage hike, as well as over workers who functioned at Amazon sites during the 2018 holidays throughout the nation.

Walmart, nevertheless,  still trails with a minimum wage of $11 per hourdespite a rise last year that it credited to the tax legislation changes.
Actually, there was lots of pressure on Amazon to do especially, better by its earners – and its warehouse employees.
The Senator pointed out that Amazon was doing was illegal, but it was taking advantage of government subsidies to underpay its employees knowing they would have the ability to use different means of assistance. Meanwhile, Amazon’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos had become the richest man in the world .

“Today I challenge our high retail competitors (you know who you are!) To match our worker benefits and our minimum wage,” Bezos wrote. “Can it! Go to $16 and throw back the gauntlet . It’s a kind of contest that will benefit everyone. ”