Many Windows-based applications are run on domain joined hosts and utilize Service Accounts managed by Active Directory to access other resources and services in the domain. Windows containers aren’t full-fledged domain. Rather, Windows containers may run with a distinctive type of service accounts introduced in Windows Server 2012 called category managed support accounts (gMSA). Windows uses credentials associated with a gMSA (in lieu of computer accounts) to enable containerized Windows applications to get other solutions in an Active Directory domain.
At the time since that Windows Server release, we’ve been working closely with customers to understand how to earn Windows applications . Our five decades of experience shows us who runtime service for Windows-based containers is only 1 component of what enterprises need to create Windows containers using Kubernetes operational in their surroundings.
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Docker’s cooperation with Microsoft began. Today, every edition of Windows Server 2016 and later ships together with the Docker Engine – Enterprise. Additionally, to ease a user experience that is great Microsoft publishes more than 129 Windows container pictures of its popular software on Docker Hub. Many Docker Enterprise customers are already running combined Windows and Linux containers using Swarm, and a coming release of Docker Enterprise enables our clients to expand their Windows options to Kubernetes as well. Today Docker Enterprise and Docker Desktop users have discovered that the simplest way to utilize and handle Kubernetes is with Docker and these users are going to have exactly the very same benefits with Windows containers.

GMSA Support in Kubernetes for Lively Directory-Authenticated Software

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Docker, in collaboration with the Kubernetes community and Microsoft, is currently working to include support for gMSA in Kubernetes. This attribute is in alpha with Kubernetes 1.14 and you can find more about its design and implementation here. We invite you to try this out and contribute to the endeavor which helps further expand the types of applications Which Can Be run in containers and will continue to work with the community on ensuring this reaches general accessibility.  

Windows admins and users also require overlay media and dynamically provisioned storage to become enterprise-ready, and we’re also working together with the Kubernetes community in these regions and will have to talk and exhibit in DockerCon 2019 at San Francisco. We look forward to discussing some of the progress and expect to see you there!

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Another requirement is service for configuring containerized workloads with domain credentials and individuality within an Active Directory environmentInitially we worked with Microsoft to plumb in gMSA credential service for individual containers operating on Docker Engine in Windows. We implemented service for gMSA credentials in Swarm. Using our experience up to now, we’re directing the design and implementation of gMSA support for Windows workloads in Kubernetes, providing Alpha level support for gMSA support in Kubernetes 1.14.
Kubernetes supporting Windows is a massive step for the industry and it further confirms the job Docker has been doing with Microsoft to create Windows containers over the past five years. It’s evidence that containers aren’t just for Linux; Windows and .NET programs represent an footprint of software that can benefit from both Kubernetes and the Docker system.

Kubernetes and Windows: What is Next