• 8 queries which help get at deeper thinking and learning
  • Podcast – Moving out of digital substitution to deeper learning
  • B. Authentic Work

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      The 4 Shifts Protocol is a fairly new resource that helps teachers, principals, and educational / technology coaches change pupil experiences toward deeper learning, larger student agency, more real work, and rich technology extract. The protocol provides some pretty concrete’look fors’ and’believe abouts’ and may be used as both a diagnostic and a redesign tool. For best results, focus on claims and proof . That is, when we say something is there (e.g., real world products or performances for real audiences)we should have the ability to point to it and say,’Yes, it’s right there and it’s wonderful!’ 

    1. Why we neglect ’t advocate using the 4 Shifts Protocol as a classroom monitoring tool
    2. Allow me to know what questions you have. Hope the protocol is useful to you!

  • Podcast – How to take our direction and teaching into new levels
  • If your aim to get a lesson, unit, or other instructional action would be to move toward more real, real world work, think about these 8 questions from Section B of the 4 Shifts Protocol. If you would like your answers, amazing! Keep doing this! If you’re not where you want to be however, pick a few questions and select your desired answers rather (e.g., Yes rather than No or Somewhat). Then do a redesign pivotHow can you redesign the student learning experience for your desired answers? Brainstorm with a few colleagues or a mentor about how to shift the 2 questions you picked toward more authentic work. Go do this to get nearer to your objective!

  • Our new publication, Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning, was released today!