D) our unwillingness to let kids actually have their learning?
C ) our need for control?
We’re so quick to bemoan the absence of ethics in our pupils. They cheat. They copy. They take shortcuts to the work. We complain incessantly about their work ethic to their classwork and assignments, and their inability to find interest or meaning in the learning jobs we place before them.
Picture credit: Scolding, Louis Ressel

G) something else?

  • 3 big shifts
  • Missing in these laments isn’t any recognition that a vast amount of what we ask our students to perform in school is really actually meaningless. From a life success standpoint. From a future significance perspective. In Google in 3 minutes so you can look this up from a’ I am spending on this?’ standpoint. From a’why in the world would a [x]care about this ?’ standpoint.