“Currently Docker is an Integral piece for migration into the cloud, for that reason is the most desired and loved platform for the architects and developers” @herrera_luis10 

  1. Standardize Development + Deployments. Containers induce repeatability across procedures, which makes it a lot easier for both dev and ops, and ultimately driving business value.  

ROSIE the Robot at DockerCon.
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“Docker completely changed my entire life for a developer! I am able to spin my project dependencies up such as databases for my program in a second in a fresh state on any machine on the team! I could honestly not envision the ci/cd-approach that is entire with no docker. Automate all of the stuff? Dockerize it!” @Dennis65560555 

  1. Application upgrades are a ton simpler.  That is true even for complex software.

“I really find Docker an amazing piece of open platform that lets me to convert my Raspberry Pi’s into CCTV camera using Docker containers, forcing the live streaming information to Amazon Rekognition Service for Deep Learning & Facial Recognition using a single Docker Compose file”
“I enjoy @Docker since it allows for lightweight test drives of software and solutions.”

  1. Simplifies your livelihood.  As per a recent Really report, at the previous year, job postings listing Docker as a favorite skill have increased nearly 50%. Along with the talk of job searches per million such as Docker has climbed 9,538% because 2014.
  1. Makes trendy tech reachable. Whether you are building your robotexperimenting with AI, or programming a Raspberry Pi, Docker makes it easy to work with intriguing new technologies.
  1. Increases productivity. It is simpler to ramp up fast and there is less busy-work with Docker.

Developers ranked Docker as the #1 most desired platform, #2 most loved platform, and #3 most broadly used platform in the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Nearly 90,000 programmers from around the world responded to the survey. So we asked the neighborhood  why they love Docker, and here are 10 Reason they discussed:

  1. It works on everybody’s machine.  Docker eliminates the”but it worked in my laptop” problem.
  1. Makes cloud migration easy.  Docker runs all the major cloud suppliers and operating systems, so programs containterized with Docker are mobile across datacenters and clouds.
  1. And, If an app breaks, it’s simple to fix.  Staged back into a known good condition is simple with Docker.
  1. It’s simple to try new programs.  Testing new applications is far easier when you do not need to build infrastructure out each moment.

“I really like docker because it takes environment certain issues from the equation – making the developer’s life simpler and improving productivity by reducing time wasted debugging problems that finally don’t add value to the application.” @pamstr_
“I switched from Oracle 11g to 12c to 18c using Docker containers a few days ago. It worked absolutely painless in my Windows 10 workstation for testing purposes. I love working this way so much! Thank you Docker!” @dthater 
“Love it because I broke my regional PostgreSQL installation and decided that was the reason to switch to using a Docker compose file. Was up and running in one hour, haven’t looked back” @J_Kreutzbender 
“Together with containerized surroundings, my time from zero to contribution is almost non-existent. Same thing applies when switching into a different project with completely different requirements. I can finally spend more time writing code and less time getting to the point of writing code. Oh! And I know that it’ll work exactly the same way in my construct pipelines and prod!” @mikesir87 (Docker Captain)
“Docker has enabled us to fail . We can test new things easily and quickly and if they operate, amazing. But if they don’t, we didn’t invest weeks or months on it. We may have spent a couple of hours or days.”

  1. Takes the pain out of CI/CD. When there is 1 thing programmers despise, it’s doing exactly the exact same thing again and again.

“Docker empowers us to standardize our application deployment and development across On-Prem and Cloud platforms. We are now able to bring more value to our clients quicker and standardized.” @idomyowntricks (Docker Captain)