• The Pencil two requires an iPad with flat sides for the magnetic charging and pairing.
  • The flat sides of the newest iPad Experts go awry, design-wise, together with all the edge-to-edge (or even “edge-to-edge” in the event that you prefer) round-corned screens, and Face ID rather than Touch ID. Those things all add to the cost of Pros.
  • In concept Apple might have contributed these new iPads flat sides just to encourage the new Pencil, sticking with the square-cornered screen, bigger eyebrow and chin, and Touch ID — but that’s not how Apple rolls. Design components are integrated with the entire.
  • Update, 19 March: And, I am reliably informed, the inductive charging information interface for connecting Pencil 2 on the hottest iPad Experts is expensive enough to be prohibitive for the new Air and Mini.

Looking at tweets and reader emails now, it seems like the most confusing thing about those iPads is the reason why they use the original Apple Pencil instead of the Apple Pencil 2. It s not perfect, but I suspect the explanation is multi-factor:

The best way to consider today’s new iPads is not as an upgraded iPad Air and upgraded iPad Mini. And the new Mini is really just a more compact version of this new iPad Air — they might have called them equally “iPad Air” and had one be mini-sized and one regular-sized, very similar to how the two sizes of iPad Pro have the same product name. So far as I can see, there’s absolutely no difference iPad Mini other than dimensions and between the brand new Air.
They would if Apple had wanted the new Pencil 2 to work on new iPads ’ve needed to set a Lightning plug on the Pencil in addition to supporting conductive charging and pairing. But that’s really not the way Apple rolls — that would have ruined one of the things that makes the brand new Pencil much nicer than the old Pencil. Better to have a messy product lineup where some iPads only encourage many others and the Pencil just support the Pencil to have a Pencil.

When it debuted in 2012, the iPad Mini was equally the small iPad and the low-cost iPad. Today, the low-cost iPad is your 329 9.7-inch just-plain no-adjective iPad. The brand new iPad Mini is a peer to the iPad Air. It s all about the dimensions. (And there aren’t any older iPad Minis hanging round in the product lineup at lesser prices.)